Love vs. Infatuation

Love vs. Infatuation | Is Your Selfie Game Too Strong?

Infatuation is very focused on looks and attractions.

Love involves the total person… not only physical attraction and looks. Love admires personality and character traits as well. You enjoy doing things and talking together.

Infatuation makes you afraid that if the person saw and knew you as you really are, he or she might not like you any longer. Your focus is on looking and acting the way you think he or she wants you to.

Love means you can be the real you. You don’t have to pretend to look or act the way you think he or she wants you to.

Infatuation seems to happen all at once – often before you even know each other very well.

Love is learned and grows gradually. You don’t need to rush real love.

Infatuation might lead you to do things you don’t really think are right just to keep the relationship. He or she tries to talk you into thinking something is right even though you know deep down that it is not.

Love makes you more likely to do what you know is right. Love will not ask you to do things you are morally unsure of or are not ready for.

Infatuation is jealous, mistrusting, and uncertain.

It makes you wonder and worry that you will be dropped when he or she is friendly with someone else.

Love involves trust. It brings security. You enjoy each other’s friends without suspicions or jealousies.

Infatuation is “in a hurry.” It sometimes makes you plunge in head first, long before you know the person.

Love, because it is patient, can wait for proper timing. If your love is true, it can develop at its own pace.

Infatuation covers up the fact that your values are out of sync. But, you overlook your nagging doubts because this person is the only one who matters.

Love does not expect you to compromise your values. In fact, love deepens as you discover that you share basic values.

Infatuation is an emotional roller coaster with up and down emotions. Your day is made or ruined by whether or not you are texted or your phone rings.

Love is steady and unshakable with healthy emotions, not just up and down shifting and doubting feelings.

Infatuation can make you feel trapped. Your whole focus is on him or her. You sometimes feel you are missing out on other things and other people.

Love is freedom. Love gives you the security to reach out and explore what life has to offer.

Infatuation uses the other person to make you look good. If you are honest you’ll admit that if this person were not as popular or good-looking your feelings might not be the same.

Love doesn’t use another person just to make you look good to others. You genuinely love him or her and enjoy being together.