Dear Parent

I regularly receive encouragement from parents of teen and adolescent children when I mention that I speak in schools about sexual abstinence until marriage. Just as many parents feel this is a topic their students need to hear I feel the students want to hear it as well.

Sexual abstinence until marriage is not ‘just’ about saying no to sex. It is about each student realizing their value, the value of others, the value of their dreams and the value of sex. Yes! …the value of sex! Many of the students we interact with do not have an understanding that sex has value.

Throughout all our sessions, whether the topic is the importance of choosing friends wisely, the danger of STD’S, or building a lasting relationship, the focus is consistently on each of their value. I believe each of them is worth more than a night, they are worth a lifetime. They are worth enough to say no to even the risk of getting exposed to an STD.

Life is a series of choices. We can choose our actions but we cannot choose our consequences.

We strive to provide tools and confidence to each student so they reach their goals and avoid pitfalls that may leave them with life-long consequence they do not desire. I believe in this generation. I believe they can rise above the low expectations often set upon them by our culture through music, movies and television that treat sex as for the moment and only about self gratification, without exposing the dangers of disease, unplanned pregnancy, broken hearts and broken lives.

They are worth more than that!

Respectfully yours,

Coreen Huff
Healthy Choices Director

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