Teens are bombarded daily by conflicting, confusing messages from the media, friends, family, teachers, church and religion.  Let’s face it.  Young people are searching for solid ground.  Healthy Choices is a program designed to inspire and encourage youth and young adults to learn that sex is worth waiting for and they are worth waiting for.

The Healthy Choices Program:

  • Presents saving sex for marriage as the safest, healthiest lifestyle, along with giving the hope of starting over.
  • Provides medically accurate information about sexually transmitted diseases.
  • Teaches the importance of setting goals, making good decisions and using refusal skills.
  • Describes healthy relationships and the attributes of true love.
  • Teaches the importance of respecting self and others, how to set healthy boundaries and how to develop into a person of good character.
  • Teaches that the most satisfying relationships come with abstinence before marriage and faithfulness to one
    person in marriage.

About Our Speakers

Each of our Healthy Choices speakers comes with a slightly different background.   We bring together experience as educators and motivational speakers as well as work in counseling and mentoring teen parents and in family ministry. Our motivation to speak to youth is similar. We each have a passion for youth to rise above the low expectations often set on them by the culture. We strive to encourage youth to discover their potential, value, and gifts. Each of us considers it a privilege to have the opportunity to do so.


We operate in partnership with The McHenry County Community Foundation.

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