Sexual Integrity

Sexual Integrity

What is ‘sexual integrity’? First off, it is valuing yourself and others and realizing that you are worth more than a night. You are worth a lifetime.

Sexual integrity is guys and girls expressing their sexuality in a responsible, honest and respectful manor.

What does this look like?

• Respect yourself by being responsible to care for yourself. Do your best to keep yourself 100% safe from STD’s and unplanned pregnancy
• Respect others. Never use another person selfishly to satisfy your own physical needs
• Be honest with yourself about how your actions can impact yourself and others

Why Abstinence?
• More self respect
• Peace of mind about future relationships and marriage
• You can enter marriage with a more positive outlook and without carrying emotional baggage
Significantly better chance in having more satisfying and more stable marriage
• No comparing or being compared sexually in marriage
No worries about STD’s and pregnancy
• Build a healthy relationship where respect precedes love.